Outdoor Personal Trainer and group training expert
Based at Wandsworth Common

Hi, I'm Alex

I'm not your average trainer. I've experienced the positive effects of physical training my entire life. The benefits of being fit are essential for health and happiness and my aim is to deliver great fitness training with an eye on the bigger picture.

I do this

Resistance/ High Intensity Training

25 years experience of weight training and high level sports fitness.

Pre/Post Natal Qualified

I've trained many women through their pregnancy and continued after birth.

Sports Specific/Speed and Agility

Whether it's developing improved recovery times, progressing specific movement or reaching fitness test requirements - I can help.

Injury Rehabilition

Recovery is frustrating but consistent and correct training is hugely important to regain correct movement.

If you're doing it, I've done it. I have huge experience of different physical disciplines and a lifelong interest in anatomy and the science of movement. My love of being healthy, fit and strong means I don't make my clients do anything I haven't already established is challenging, fun and effective.

Prices? Let's chat.

Please tell me about your needs and I'll let you know what I can do to help you.